wordoodling (word + doodle): when I talk to myself

Randomly, I talk to myself, and tell stories as if they weren’t mine. Weird? I guess so.

That is what I call “wordoodling,” a term I coined just now (oct-12-2010;3:49AM).

Just like my randomly scattered doodles in notebooks, scripts, journals, sequence guides, speech plans, scratch papers, test papers, blue books, and even in wooden chairs at the university (before, when I still go to school, not that I’m out of school I just don’t go anymore–go figure), I also “doodle” words. Reason why I decided to just hit my blog, after months of being shelved, and talk with my laptop instead.

Have you tried staring blank to nowhere and actually see everything transform into a set-up you wanted to have for a talk? That’s it. Then you start to talk . . .

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OBLIVIOUS: the year that has been

It’s been a long time since I trained through this blog–writing. My laptop keyboard haven’t been used for long–not including the letters A,W,S,D, and E with the numbers 1,2,3, and 4 and function F1–which has been overused for the last couple of days.  I have missed out writing for almost three months now, probably because I had nothing good to write about, none that I remember of. Well here’s a year ender post that could probably spark the start of me writing again.

Oblivious, the year that has been. This is where I’ll take off in this post. There have been many victories in many tournaments in my life, most of which were milestones yet there are only few things that I remember. The year started with half of the most promising semester I had in college. It was the start of the ‘direction’ I needed. I began to build goals with the confidence that I am to attain them. The time when I just felt like excelling. I had trainings in both advertising and public relations that time, among other communication expertise which gave me much idea on where to be, and so the hunt for my summer internship began. It was pretty late when I started handing out my resumes to ad agencies, and submitting them online to multinational companies. Even late, I can say that I had a good number of interviews which gave me at least room to choose, with me ending up in two unquestionably reputable companies–Bates 141 and Ascott International–which made me so excited to be in that playing field, the game of professionals. The semester that came after my internship was supposedly the beginning towards the end where dreams are at its peak and hopes are high, but turned out to be the end in itself. And this is where everything became… oblivious. Even so, before everything became blurry, there are a couple of things that I still know of, that I together with some AdHere-friends won a competition and mounted an event, I and my gang represented our University, and that I together with my partner won the debate… and all that followed were cluttered.  I didn’t remember my thesis anymore, not my speech plans, and not my goals. But it didn’t stop me of course, I aint weak. [haha] And so life goes on, on a different light though. The current semester I’m in right now started with a concert which I and my MOrg brothers and sisters mounted, while acads played on the side note. My memory of the year that has been ended there, at least one last thing that I was victorious. I know I have won many other little things yet they are missing pieces floating around the vast expanse of space, these little things where I know I did well. The remains of my loss may linger, but I shall try to deem it oblivious, and the year that has been. The year to come is a new tournament that I have to win, and if I do, I know I can do anything. So by now I am moving out from the fog of nothingness and 2009 will now be history forgotten, but hey, I shall remember every opponent and every colleague from that tournament, oh yes I will, including HER.

The above photo is a screen shot of my status collage from facebook, i guess the way it was ended says it all.

I could have written many happy stuff in here, it’s just that I can’t think of them right now, really. So…

May the New Year bring new hopes and victories to you and to me.

ace the interview: the campus jock on proper body language techniques when in an interview

PODCAST from Break Beyond Bounds: Personify the blueprint of success – An FNR Solutions “What’s Behind the Counter?” campaign for a Food Group

here’s one of the collaterals for SNR’s campaign for a company [not to be disclosed in this blog post], a goodwill podcast on how to ace an interview.  Hope you guys could get a lot from this podcast!

click this —> Ace the Interview Podcast

Voice by: the Campus Jock.

note: Company name of the client is originally stated at the end of the podcast.

Protected: [dpsm professor]: is he for real? [issue solved]

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forgetting on something? registration ends this October.


unravel the mystery: CIRQUE

Cirque POSTER-small

Come one, come all to a night of splendid delights, as UP Adhere and QTV 11’s Events Incorporated bring you CIRQUE, the hottest party/fashion show event happening in the metro this October.

Inspired by the mysterious and magical theme of circus, but with an underground edge, Cirque will host a variety of exotic performances by poi dancers and the brightest magicians, while serving free food and drinks throughout the night. At the show’s highlight, the stage will transform into a fashion runway for an exclusive show from talented young designers of the Fashion Institute of the Philippines. The event will also feature a special live performance from one of the country’s hottest bands.

Cirque will be opening its act on Oct. 9, 2009 at the One Esplanade and will be exclusively covered by QTV ch. 11’s Events Incorporated. Celebrate with a cause in this spectacular night of underground magic, music, and fashion, as proceeds will benefit the Drug Abuse Research Foundation, Inc. (D.A.R.E.) and victims of Typhoon Ondoy.

Unravel the mystery.
Fulfill your fantasy.
Minus the ecstasy.

Come One. Come All.CIRQUE.

October 9, 2009 | Friday | 6:00 PM Registration
One Esplanade, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
Tickets are priced at PhP 200, inclusive of food and drinks.
For inquiries, contact Nancy at (63) 906 317-6127 / (63) 923 626-0274 or emailcirque.adhere@gmail.comnancy_ortega_18@yahoo.com

Visit us at:

DOUBLE UP : tweet!

Recently, ABS-CBN has re-launched its famous house, the PINOY BIG BROTHER HOUSE.  I was actually thinking of how more can this work for the Filipino audience, there must be a big twist to it.  A friend told me that in UK, the Big Brother House will no longer open for it has reached its maximum audience tolerance, meaning it has had many seasons already. While another country in Europe launch its Big Brother Village, same concept, only that it’s not just a house they move into, but a village that even has a market in it.


Same goes with one of social media’s new athlete, codename: twitter.  Twitter is one of the speediest way of sharing ones thought to your friends, to your network, or even to the world.  Just a few weeks ago, I’ve ‘doubled up’ one of Twitter‘s ‘gears’ that is the tweetdeck.  This might be new to some, but as for others including myself, it has been a way of making tweeting simpler, easier, and more organized.  I remember the first time I saw this application from one of my college friends, and I can’t help but resist because of its overwhelming appearance, but just so I know I have been tweeting the tweetdeck way.

One of Kuya’s ‘double up’ is having twin brothers enter his house, and not just one, but two pairs of twins.  They are JP, the Jetsetter Dad ng Quezon City, and his twin brother JM, the Delightful Dad ng Quezon City. Together with Toffi, the Basket Bolero ng Rizal, and his twin brother Kenny, the Joker Jock ng Rizal. It was quite amusing how these twins were revealed, and as well as how these twins would function inside the Big Brother House.

In the same way, Twitter ‘doubles up’ at par with PBB, it allows users to make use of not just one, or two, or three, or four accounts simultaneously and keeping track of all our networks at the same time in one application. I actually am using five multiple accounts for five different purposes connecting to five different networks all at the same time.  One tweet to all, having the option of choosing which among your accounts will carry your tweet by easily clicking on the username you wish to use.

tweet doubled up

BUT kuya’s surprises didn’t end there, the biggest revelation unfolded, his house is totally DOUBLED UP! two Big Brother Houses functioning at the same time! And that the two pairs of twins were divided putting one sibling on one house and the twin on the other.  What a twist! The ultimate goal: to maintain one’s identity from one house to the other EVEN if they switch positions. I am actually doubting the ‘basketball’ twins if they can survive this task for one of them is taller than the other. But to tweetdeck’s double up? no doubt it can maintain your posts identically to both Twitter and Facebook! yes, my favorite social networking site, facebook.



Indeed! even MySpace can be simultaneously updated through the tweetdeck.

These are two double ups that I have encountered these past few days.  PINOY BIG BROTHER double up, and the new and better TWEETDECK.

I can’t say that I am a fan of PBB, but let’s see what happens inside the house. And hey, I won’t be surprised if one day Kuya is already tweeting his way to our own homes.

Download your tweetdeck, NOW! and get to explore a doubled up digital world!